San Francisco Tech Executives Play A Dangerous Game With Trophy Wives and Prostitutes

By Lucy Carl

Driven by a psychopathic need to employ sex for power instead of passion, executives from SalesForce, Twitter, Google, Facebook and other famous brands, live a life of debauchery few normal people can comprehend.

Almost every $200K/year executive has both a “trophy” wife and a bevy of prostitutes on call. Most of them get the wives and the hookers from many of the same resources. Most of the prostitutes know about the trophy wives, and vice versa, because it is part of “The Deal”.

The San Francisco Zoo fundraising parties, The “House Parties” (on Broadway, west of Divisadaro in the tony Pacific Heights neighborhood), San Francisco Symphony parties and Opening Nights, The Red and White Ball Events, The Guardsman parties, The Spinster Events, The Rosewood Hotel “tech events” and a horde of other elitist find-some-ass events deliver the chicks to the Chads.

A Trophy Wife is a surgically enhanced woman who dresses like a Playboy model, wears porno makeup and has a Jessica Rabbit type of cartoonish facial structure. She is acquired by the tech executive to show off to other tech executives. An unusually large number of San Francisco tech executives are homosexual but they still have Trophy wives to keep up appearances.

At one of these events a young, attractive woman will approach a recently divorced tech executive and advise him that she understands “the Deal”. She uses code words and alluded to references but the intent is clear. She is willing to be either a trophy wife or a prostitute because the guy has the cash and she wants the rich lifestyle. A trophy wife is aware that she must accept the fact that the man is rich and can get any woman and there is a 3000 to 1 ratio of hot girls to rich men. If she wants the cash she must accept the non-monogamous sex-with-other-women culture of the tech males.

The Trophy Wives get to live in the big houses with the tech guys and the prostitutes live in apartments in Marin County and Palo Alto. Many of the prostitutes are from overseas and are known as “Instagram Girls” because the advertise on Instagram and as “models”. Hundreds of these internet hookers are flown into San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose international airports, daily, on the credit cards of these tech executives. The pot is well stocked. San Francisco tech executives account for as much bay area sex trafficking, in dollar volume, as the San Francisco Chinatown gangs. A San Francisco tech prostitute goes for $1000.00 to $10000.00 per night while a Chinatown sex worker is only $300.00 per session.

There are over 200 “Personal Services” providers for tech executives who pitch “managing engagement schedules” for CEO’s. They are pimps who have networked lists of hookers. They are usually women in the PR business who once were trophy wives, or prostitutes, themselves when they were younger. Most tech executives will eventually receive an offer from a “Social Events Manager”, looking to hook them up.

Trophy Wives and prostitute offerings can be found jogging on San Francisco’s Marina Green, sitting overtly in outdoor cafe’s on Chestnut Street and Union Street in the Marina district and at every “tech event”. They dress in fluorescent Spandex with bare midriff tops and painted on Spandex leggings shoved as far up their butt-crack as biology will allow. The regulars, though, are at the elite events and fund-raisers.

The websites BACKPAGE.COM, SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS.COM and MATCH.COM are the source favored by the tech guys for girls-on-demand hookers. Google is in a huge battle against the government because Google does not want BACKPAGE.COM shut down. It is the top source for hookers for the men of Google.

The parties at the French, British and Russian embassies are notoriously full of high-class hookers and wannabe trophy wife candidates. The key to confirming them, in person, or on, is the use of code words like “generous gentlemen”, “appreciates a special women”, “knows how to take care of..” , “diamonds..” and other subliminal references.

The game can go south, though. Google’s, Tesla Investments and other top executives have been killed by their hookers. Over 100 top tech execs are now in the news for their over-the-top sex scandals. A Trophy Wife or a Hooker can blackmail the tech executives at any moment; non-disclosure agreements be damned. Hundreds of babies are now being paid for by hundreds of tech executives along with hush-money to keep the names of those babies fathers quiet.

Yes, San Francisco truly is the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah.