The Nightmare That San Francisco Turned Into (VIDEO)

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Produced by members of the San Francisco Bay Area who have worked in San Francisco City Hall and lived in San Francisco




- All of the buildings in downtown San Francisco are cracking and collapsing.

- Drugs and douche-bags everywhere

- Stupid soy boys and naive millennial posers at every corner
- Residents are rushing to leave San Francisco as it has become so crime-ridden, flithy and corrupt

- Increasingly corrupt politicians thriving on Dark Money





SAN FRANCISCO - Tesla's Bay Area production plant recorded hundreds of positive covid-19 cases following CEO Elon Musk's defiant reopening of the plant last May, according to county-level data obtained by a legal transparency website.

The document, obtained by the website PlainSite following a court ruling this year, showed Tesla received around 10 reports of covid-19 in May when the plant reopened, and saw a steady rise in cases all the way up to 125 in December, as the disease caused by the novel coronavirus peaked around the country.

The revelation follows The Washington Post's reporting in June that there had been multiple positive covid-19 cases reported at Tesla's facilities in Fremont, Ca., after Musk decided to reopen despite a countywide shelter-in-place order, daring officials to arrest him. The data, covering the months between May and December, showed there were around 450 total reported cases. Roughly 10,000 workers work at the plant.

For nearly a year, the Alameda County Public Health Department, which is where Fremont is located, argued it could not release data on the number of cases under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which grants privacy over health records. As part of an agreement struck in mid-May allowing Tesla to reopen, Tesla was required to report positive cases to the Alameda County Public Health Department. Despite around 10 positive cases in May, according to the data, the health department told The Post in early June there were no known cases of workplace infections affecting county residents.




Which of these are true?

"There is no chocolate factory at Ghirardelli Square."

"Coit Tower was built as a tribute to fireman's penises because Lilly Coit screwed lots of fireman. The Salesforce Tower was built as a tribute to homosexual gay sex because most of the Salesforce and Silicon Valley oligarchs are gay anal sex fanatics. San Francisco's skyline is full of dicks...and so is it's government"

"Most of the "rich" people in Pacific Heights are just living off of their grand-parents bank accounts and have never worked a day in their lives. Being a "holistic teacher", an "interior designer", or an "influencer", is not work."

"Silicon Valley rich men assume that anybody who will marry them will accept the fact that they have hookers and mistresses on the side."

"Hot girls who marry rich Silicon Valley men only have babies with them to get good alimony."

"San Francisco makes all of the Mexican's live in the "Mission District" because "Mission" is a Mexican thing...but it isn't. Missionaries captured Mexicans and raped the hot ones and made the rest do cheap labor in the old days. The "Missionary Position" is named after forced Mexican sex with white preachers from back east."

"There are thousands of Chinese sex slaves in those massage parlors. They won't tell the cops they are sex slaves because their Chinese bosses will kill them, or their families back in China."

"San Francisco City Hall is one of the most corrupt, crony-based, insider-controlled public buildings outside of Washington, DC."
"Roger Boas, The head administrator of San Francisco City Hall, ran an underage sex ring, co-managed by San Francisco Police staff, for City Hall bosses. He was arrested for multiple crimes and cases like his are not unique in San Francisco.
ANSWER: Pretty much all of it...



The banks wanted you to think you HAVE TO have a baby or you have not fulfilled your purpose. Enlightened Millennial's have now seen enough media about what a life-wasting, poop-filled, sleepless, never-going-out, scream filled hell they must endure if they had babies. None of them want to be Stepford Wives! Pushing a stroller now gets you eye-rolls and behind your back comments about being a "sucker". That facts and stats are in and everybody that is cool has stopped being a victim of the baby-machine culture.
Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have been outed as players who used corruption to get their company to exist. Douchebags that drive around in their Tesla's that think their car makes them look cool are actually getting looks of hate and pathos as they drive by. The tone deaf buyers of the car with the most safety and engineering defects is not something to be proud to drive. It is something to be ashamed to drive.


San Francisco and Silicon Valley are both run by the same dynastic criminally corrupt families and sick perverted insiders. They send their kids to Stanford University where they indoctrinate and brainwash the next generation into a culture of greed, sex, political bribery and Sandhill Road collusion. San Francisco City Hall is powered by hookers, sex and kick-backs. Every attendee at the San Francisco Symphony and Opera opening nights are the "elite" scum of the Pacific Heights money and power manipulation crowd. Old men wield young arm candy as they siphon off taxpayers money into their personal construction and real estate company City contracts. The FBI can't even keep up with all of the crimes. If you think the FBI arrests of Northern California political criminals is going good, know that they FBI has a backlog that is years long. An FBI forensic accounting investigation of the CPA files and investment bank records of each "old San Francisco family" and public official would reveal stock market crimes, insider trading, real estate money laundering and stock market payola crimes that are Off-The-Scales!
Centered around San Francisco, powerful and greedy people abuse the public system in order to manipulate TRILLIONS of government treasury and stock market dollars into their own pockets. They lie, cheat, bribe, steal, attack, and even kill, in order to grab this money (provided from the pockets of the taxpayers). They create fake "political issues" in order to steer massive amounts of government money to "solutions" that they just happen to own the companies of. ("Follow the Money") They collude on cover-ups, cover-stories, pump-and-dumps, fake "Stimulus Funds" redirection and other illicit deeds. Famous politicians are a very big part of this crime. They are easy to spot via the tens of millions of dollars, in their personal bank accounts, which only appeared after they took office. One part of them is: The Silicon Valley Tech Cartel; an anti-trust violating organized-crime operation based on quid-pro-quo. They manipulated the Dept of Energy to only fund political favorites and to sabotage the competitors of those favorites in an epic violation of anti-trust and anti-racketeering laws.

San Francisco Criminals Now Targeting Residents Due to Lack of Tourists, Say City Officials

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“tourism has gone down so substantially in San Francisco that criminal rings that targeted tourists in areas that tourists frequent no longer have tourists there”

Tourism in the city of San Francisco is down, partly due to the pandemic, but also because of crime. As a result, criminals are now reportedly shifting their focus to city residents. Wealthy movie star Julia Roberts moved to San Francisco and now she has to have full time security because gangsters from across town have staked out her mansion for robberies. It is not just the rich, anybody with a Tesla parked at their house is targeted by robbers.

How’s that for painful irony?



Andre Senior reports at KTVU News:

S.F. corruption, inequity, innovation: Board of Supervisors budget chair demands action




Contractor sentenced in San Francisco corruption scandal


San Francisco Corruption Scandal: Contractor Gets Prison For Bribing Mohammed Nuru With $36,000 Rolex


Recycling plant owner sentenced in San Francisco corruption scandal


San Francisco rolls out raises for city workers - some are eye-popping


Report: Senator Leland Yee indicted for public corruption charges







SF Supes Approve Chu To Replace Former Assessor-Recorder for corruption


"You've helped undermind the faith that San Franciscans have in their government": SF contractor who bribed public works director gets



Nuru scandal: Woman who bribed official with Rolex watch gets prison time




Former Calif. PE Exec To Cop To 'Varsity Blues' Fraud Charge








Famous writer Ezra Klein says San Francisco has gone socially insane.

" If progressivism can’t work there, why should the country believe it can work anywhere else?"  He said that: You may have heard that San Francisco’s Board of Education voted 6 to 1 to rename 44 schools, stripping ancient racists of their laurels, but also Abraham Lincoln and Senator Dianne Feinstein. The history upon which these decisions were made was dodgy, and the results occasionally bizarre. Paul Revere, for instance, was canceled for participating in a raid on Indigenous Americans that was actually a raid on a British fort. In normal times, bemusement would be the right response to a story like this. Cities should have idiosyncratic, out-there politics. You need to earn your “Keep X weird” bumper stickers. And for all the Fox News hosts who’ve collapsed onto their fainting couches, America isn’t suffering from a national shortage of schools named for Abraham Lincoln.

But San Francisco’s public schools remain closed, no matter the name on the front. “What I cannot understand is why the School Board is advancing a plan to have all these schools renamed by April, when there isn’t a plan to have our kids back in the classroom by then,” Mayor London Breed said in a statement. I do not want to dismiss the fears of teachers (or parents), many living in crowded homes, who fear returning to classrooms during a pandemic. But the strongest evidence we have suggests school openings do not pose major risks when proper precautions are followed, but their continued closure does terrible harm to students, with the worst consequences falling on the neediest children. And that’s where this goes from wacky local news story to a reflection of a deeper problem. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, when you factor in housing costs, and vies for the top spot in income inequality, too. California is dominated by Democrats, but many of the people Democrats claim to care about most can’t afford to live there. San Francisco politicians generally have low IQ's and loud mouths, just like internet "influencers".

The median price for a home in California is more than $700,000. As Bloomberg reported in 2019, the state has four of the nation’s five most expensive housing markets and a quarter of the nation’s homeless residents. The root of the crisis is simple: It’s very, very hard to build homes in California. When he ran for governor in 2018, Gavin Newsom promised the construction of 3.5 million housing units by 2025. Newsom won, but California has built fewer than 100,000 homes each year since. In much of San Francisco, you can’t walk 20 feet without seeing a multicolored sign declaring that Black lives matter, kindness is everything and no human being is illegal. Those signs sit in yards zoned for single families, “If you’re living eight or 10 people to a home, it’s hard to protect yourself from the virus,” Senator Wiener told me. “Yet what we see at times is people with a Bernie Sanders sign and a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign in their window, but they’re opposing an affordable housing project or an apartment complex down the street.” In California, taking that standard seriously might mean worrying less about the name on the school than whether there are children inside it. In San Francisco, politics becomes an aesthetic rather than a program. You have to have a BLM sign in your window and a rainbow sticker on your Tesla bumper but you never actually intend to do anything that is NIMBY. San Francisco's fake symbols of progressivism are always preferred to the sacrifices and risks those ideals demand. In San Francisco Democrats hold total control of the government. If progressivism cannot work here, why should the country believe it can work anywhere else?

Naive Julia Roberts 'Weirded Out' Pals By Suddenly Moving To Filthy San Francisco and not seeming to know what a shit-hole SF is ..(LINK)

Actress Julia Roberts bought a house in the formerly up-scale area of San Francisco bur her friends wonder if she is crazy to have suddenly up-rooted and moved to the most corrupt, crime-ridden, fallen city in America...

(LINK) San Francisco is a total shithole (Paul Joseph Watson video)


(LINK) San Francisco is absolutely degenerate. USUALLY, If you go to the Mission District you can EXPECT your car to get broken into and keyed, but now EVERY neighborhood is filled with break-ins INCLUDING Pacific Heights!  (whatever)


So I went to a wedding in Sacramento, and found a cheap flight to Europe out of Oakland a few days later. So girlfriend decided we ought to see San Fransisco for a night. So we hear about a great restaurant, get into SF at like 8, park the car in a well-lit spot and get dinner. After dinner we walk past the car on the way to get some dessert, at 10pm. By the time we get back to the car at 10:30, the back window is smashed, side rear window is smashed, and both my bags are missing. I honestly don’t give a fuck if San Fransisco wants to make itself a shithole, but what pisses me the fuck off is that these morherfuckers think they’re so fucking smart and they know exactly how to live, and meanwhile crime is out of fucking control to the point that people are smashing car windows at 10pm I’m well lit and well travelled streets, homeless are everywhere, and they want to export the same policies that have destroyed their city and state to the rest of the country. Fuck off California leftists and your fucking bullshit.


IAN BIRRELL says tech giants have turned San Francisco
into a dystopian nightmare of addiction, homelessness and criminality

- Criminals "Zulu Jones", "Lefty O'Douls Boss", "Shrimpboy Chow", "Francesco "Frank" Lanza", "Roger Boas", "James "Jimmy" Bronkema", "Aladino "Jimmy the Weasel" Fratianno"...the list of political mobsters in the San Francisco Bay Area goes on and on and on...
By Ian Birrell for The Mail on Sunday
Gilles Desaulniers moved to San Francisco 40 years ago, settling in the ‘friendly, quaint and affordable’ city after running out of cash while driving from Canada down the West Coast of America. 
Today he runs a grocery store filled with fresh fruit, vegan snacks and organic wines typical of this famously liberal Californian city.
But Gilles has shut one outlet and would sell up entirely if anyone wanted this one, his remaining shop. Each day, up to 30 people stroll in and openly steal goods, costing him hundreds of dollars.
A street cleaner showed me a box filled with used syringes that he had collected, then I met two charity workers picking up needles from the pavement. How many do you find a day, I ask? ¿Between 300 and 600, depending on the weather,¿ one replies. A homeless man is pictured second left using a syringe to inject drugs in the city in June 2018
A street cleaner showed me a box filled with used syringes that he had collected, then I met two charity workers picking up needles from the pavement. How many do you find a day, I ask? ‘Between 300 and 600, depending on the weather,’ one replies. A homeless man is pictured second left using a syringe to inject drugs in the city in June 2018
He has been bitten twice recently by people in his shop and he also found a woman turning blue in the toilet after a drugs overdose, a hypodermic needle still stuck in her leg. He showed me a metal door that is corroding due to people urinating in his doorway, then spoke of finding a man relieving himself in full view of infants playing in a child centre next door. ‘Our society is falling apart,’ says Desaulniers.  ‘If people do not play by some rules, society does not function. But it feels like there is no order, there is no shame.’ He uses two apocalyptic movies to illustrate the state of his adopted city: ‘Living here feels like A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner have both come true.’
I could grasp his despair. I had just passed dealers selling drugs beside a police car parked outside government offices, and seen their customers openly smoke fentanyl, an opioid 50 times stronger than heroin, then collapse on the street.
Yet true to form, San Francisco has just elected as district attorney a radical called Chesa Boudin, whose parents were infamous militants from a far-Left, anti-war group. They were jailed for triple murder when Chesa was a toddler, leaving him to be adopted by the founders of the organisation
All cities have their seedy sides. But this is the very centre of San Francisco, by an upmarket Westfield shopping mall thronged with people in designer clothes perusing Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags and Tiffany jewellery.
The beautiful city by the bay, where Tony Bennett famously left his heart and which poses as a beacon of progressiveness, has more billionaires per capita than any other on the planet.
Not long ago, a seven-bedroom home here recently sold for $38 million (£29 million), while at the Michelin-starred Saison restaurant, the ‘kitchen menu’ starts at $298 a head and reservations require a $148 deposit.
The city authorities have a huge $12 billion budget, handing their 31,800 staff average annual pay and benefit packages of an astonishing $175,000.
Yet the tide of homeless, addicted and mentally ill people washing up here has become so severe that a global expert on slums claimed San Francisco may be more unsanitary than some of the poorest parts of Africa and Asia.
Oracle, one of the technology giants based in the nearby Silicon Valley, has switched a conference for 60,000 people to Las Vegas due to the toxic combination of ‘poor street conditions’ and costly hotels.
This followed a medical association moving its $40 million convention out of San Francisco amid safety fears because of sordid tent encampments and overt drug use. Other events are being affected.
‘Indoors, people are making deals, talking about healthcare and networking. Yet in the streets, I witnessed homeless people injecting cocaine,’ tweeted Kistein Monkhouse while attending a recent J. P. Morgan conference for 9,000 people.
As one prominent academic tells me, it seems a cruel irony that so much squalor and despair is found in the Californian base of all those billionaire technology titans seeking to reshape the world in their image.
‘San Francisco has always had hobos but we’ve never seen anything like this. It’s become a vision of some kind of strange dystopian future,’ says Joel Kotkin, a widely respected professor in urban studies.
He can reel off damning statistics to back his claim that San Francisco symbolises the Golden State’s descent into ‘high-tech feudalism’ including America’s highest poverty levels, its worst rates of property crime and its biggest gap between top and middle incomes.
But one statistic stands out: almost half of homeless people in the United States are in California, according to a recent White House study.
And San Francisco, a comparatively small city that is home to tech giants such as Twitter, Uber and Airbnb, has the highest rate of ‘unsheltered’ citizens – at ten times the national level.
All cities have their seedy sides. But this is the very centre of San Francisco, by an upmarket Westfield shopping mall thronged with people in designer clothes perusing Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags and Tiffany jewellery
(The Horrors Of Living In San Francisco Cause Many To Jump Off The Golden Gate Bridge)
All cities have their seedy sides. But this is the very centre of San Francisco, by an upmarket Westfield shopping mall thronged with people in designer clothes perusing Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags and Tiffany jewellery
Downtown visitors cannot fail to witness the distressing evidence. Almost instantly after I arrived, I saw three people smoking crystal meth through glass pipes, then others with the facial scabs and sores associated with this destructive drug. One man with matted hair sat slumped in a stupor wearing just grubby underpants.
Another, clearly under the influence of heroin, had ‘nodded off’ and was static on a child’s bicycle. A third urinated on the street. A woman changed her clothes from a tatty suitcase on the pavement.
Others shuffled pathetically or rolled slowly along the street in wheelchairs. Some were clearly suffering mental distress, such as a man in his 50s begging for cash who told me he was waiting for his air force pension. A street cleaner showed me a box filled with used syringes that he had collected, then I met two charity workers picking up needles from the pavement.
How many do you find a day, I ask? ‘Between 300 and 600, depending on the weather,’ one replies. So if you are going to San Francisco, feel free to wear flowers in your hair but local women say avoid sandals on your feet. Dog owners complain they have to wash human faeces from the legs of their pets after a walk. One fed-up resident showed me Hondurans handing out socks filled with wraps of drugs in front of a building being turned into an upmarket Whole Foods store. The dealers displayed little need for concealment. ‘After a while, you become desensitised – it’s like everyone here is wearing blinkers,’ says my guide, a man in his 30s. ‘All my friends with kids have moved out of the city.’
The city and state have some of the highest tax rates in the country, but his area of SoMa West voted to back a fresh charge on firms to fund a new community group to clean up its streets. It is the 17th district to pass such a measure.
‘You have to develop a thick skin,’ says Sonya Lee, 24, supervisor in a Starbucks branch surrounded by bustling boutiques, expensive hotels and smart restaurants. ‘Every day, people come in and take stuff. It’s dreadful but we don’t know what to do.’
San Francisco, a comparatively small city that is home to tech giants such as Twitter, Uber and Airbnb, has the highest rate of ¿unsheltered¿ citizens ¿ at ten times the national level
(Twitter's sick perverted staff attract naive young drug users and sex deviants)
San Francisco, a comparatively small city that is home to tech giants such as Twitter, Uber and Airbnb, has the highest rate of ‘unsheltered’ citizens – at ten times the national level. Official data, based on one night’s count last year, claimed 8,011 homeless people in this city of 884,000 people – a rise of 17 per cent on 2017. But a record of those receiving healthcare found numbers twice as high and rising faster. City authorities claim their key problem is the high cost of housing combined with past failures to build enough properties. But many blame something simpler to solve: the lack of law enforcement.
‘When you tell vagrants that anything goes, it leads to the anarchy you see on these streets,’ says Heather MacDonald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute think-tank and a conservative essayist.  She believes we are witnessing a ‘real-life experiment’ into what happens if society stops enforcing bourgeois norms out of sensitivity to vulnerable people. MacDonald argues that the city authorities are culpable, fuelling drug addiction by doling out 4.5 million needles a year when there is nothing compassionate about giving addicts and mentally ill people the freedom to ‘decompose’ on the streets.
Much of what she says is backed by Thomas Wolf, 49, who lost his job and family after becoming addicted to opioid painkillers following foot surgery, then moving on to cheaper heroin and ending up homeless in his native city. ‘It is a cycle of despair,’ he says. ‘I was heartbroken at losing my wife and kids but all I cared about was drugs. I hated being on the streets but I loved the easy access to drugs. ‘Yet there’s such denial that if you’d have asked me if I had a problem, I’d have said no.’
Wolf, who now works for the Salvation Army helping homeless people rebuild lives and has just been appointed to a specialist civic taskforce, sees untreated addiction as the root cause of the city’s problem. He says most people living on the streets are hooked on either drugs or drink.
‘If you see someone shouting at the wall, it is crystal meth, not mental illness – although meth might have destroyed their mind.’ Wolf claims that while the city distributes drug paraphernalia, he was never asked to quit or offered help. He says many users sell their monthly welfare $190 food stamps on receipt to go on a binge. And he wants to see generous welfare benefits – almost $600 a month in return for 12 hours of voluntary work – slashed. His own time as a homeless heroin addict ended after police caught him holding six socks filled with drugs for Honduran dealers. His brother bailed him from jail on condition that he went into rehab. He was lucky. Last year there were 234 deaths from fentanyl and heroin in the city, more than double the previous year and five times higher than in 2016.
Wolf believes that the decision by a state ballot six years ago to reclassify thefts of property below the value of $950 as misdemeanours has backfired badly, leading to a huge increase in shoplifting. ‘It is a disaster,’ he says. ‘The idea was sound – to reduce jailing that is predominantly of minorities – but the side effect was to embolden people to commit crime with impunity. Everyone knows you can go into shops and steal up to $950.’ Even shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste are now locked up in chemist shops to curb thefts. The police declined to speak officially. But one officer sitting in his car beside blatant street-dealing said there was no point arresting people as they would simply be released, even if they were carrying drugs and cash valued at several thousand dollars. ‘I find it very frustrating and lots of my colleagues find it very frustrating,’ he says, adding that officers only intervene when there is violence. ‘We get the blame because people think we’re doing nothing. But it’s not our fault.’ Wes Tyler, manager of a family-owned hotel, told me a man high on crystal meth smashed a $5,000 window one Sunday afternoon – then repeatedly ignored court dates and probation orders despite being seen in the neighbourhood last week.
‘If City Hall does not start to take these issues more seriously, we’ll see businesses impacted,’ says Jay Cheng, spokesman for the local Chamber of Commerce. Yet true to form, San Francisco has just elected as district attorney a radical called Chesa Boudin, whose parents were infamous militants from a far-Left, anti-war group. They were jailed for triple murder when Chesa was a toddler, leaving him to be adopted by the founders of the organisation.
The beautiful city by the bay, where Tony Bennett famously left his heart and which poses as a beacon of progressiveness, has more billionaires per capita than any other on the planet. Not long ago, a seven-bedroom home here recently sold for $38 million (£29 million), while at the Michelin-starred Saison restaurant, the ¿kitchen menu¿ starts at $298 a head and reservations require a $148 deposit
The beautiful city by the bay, where Tony Bennett famously left his heart and which poses as a beacon of progressiveness, has more billionaires per capita than any other on the planet. Not long ago, a seven-bedroom home here recently sold for $38 million (£29 million), while at the Michelin-starred Saison restaurant, the ‘kitchen menu’ starts at $298 a head and reservations require a $148 deposit. The 39-year-old, who studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar and later worked as a translator for Venezuela’s former leader Hugo Chavez, a Fidel Castro acolyte, campaigned on moving away from prosecuting ‘quality of life’ offences to focus on serious and corporate offences.
The San Francisco Police Officers Association spent heavily campaigning against Boudin, saying he was the choice for ‘criminals and gang members’.
But Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the charity Coalition on Homelessness, argues city residents should get angry over ‘systemic neglect’ that sparked this crisis rather than blaming people on the streets. ‘No one wants to live like this,’ she says. ‘We’ve tried locking people up before but that didn’t work.’ Friedenbach insists that the problems stem from a lack of affordable housing, a significant reduction of emergency shelters and the slashing of spending on treatment programmes.
She says, rightly, that issues of homelessness, mental health and addiction are often linked. The city’s mayor, London Breed, whose younger sister died of a drug overdose and elder brother was jailed for robbery, declined to comment. 
In her inaugural speech, Breed said the ‘twin troubles of homelessness and housing affordability’ were the big challenge. She is boosting grants for shelters, treatment and street cleaning. Yet those desperate sights staining this one-time hippy nirvana are ultimately the sign of abject political failure. Her new fiefdom is, after all, so populated by millionaires in their exclusive enclaves that it is the second richest city in the world’s richest nation. Considering the city’s wealth, it smacks of callous and uncaring hypocrisy. As one local resident says: ‘Are they really being progressive to that poor guy in the street with a needle in his arm who is going to die tomorrow?’


(LINK) Median price for Bay Area home hits record-shattering $935,000... 


(LINK) Woman allegedly calls cops on girl selling water in San Fran...


Meanwhile on the West Coast... Downtown San Francisco Littered with Drug Needles, Piles of Feces


San Fran Diseased Streets... Needles, Garbage, Feces... Like Worst Slums in World...

San Francisco mayor admits she was screwing corruption boss and took thousands of dollars of cash from top crook in FBI corruption probe

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday admitted having a 20-year friendship and brief romantic relationship with a former city worker now under FBI investigation, prompting some to call for her resignation.
San Francisco Is One Of The Most Corrupt Cities In The World
San Francisco Mayors, Area Senators and Supervisors exist off of bribes. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tesla, Chevron, Wells Fargo, Real Estate developers and Chinese mobsters are the biggest payers of bribes. They pay in cash, hookers, buildings, stock warrants and election manipulation. San Francisco politicians pretend to be "green" but they only care about Green Cash. They pretend to be a "Sanctuary City" but all they care about is harboring criminals who they can use to puff up voter counts.
San Francisco cares about one thing: CASH!
If there is a second thing they care about it is: PRETENTIOUS LIFESTYLES
Chicago is corrupt because of the mafia and gangster culture it supports. San Francisco is corrupt because it has no moral compass except the arrow that points straight to hell. Greed and power rule all decisions in San Francisco politics.
Are corrupt politicians the cause of sky-high San Francisco ... What is the most corrupt city agency in San Francisco? ... effect on San Francisco real estate. No one ...
Corruption. It's as San Francisco as fog, organic produce and good weed. And by that I mean, it's such a part of the culture here that we take it for grant
San Francisco’s Homeless Encampments Expose The Failure Of A Liberal Utopia

San Francisco Is Now The Most Rapidly Failing City In America

In America's most liberal city, increasingly visible homeless camps are a stark symbol of San Francisco's economic hollowing out and the failure of progressive governance.




SAN FRANCISCO – “You want the down-low? I’ll give you the down-low: Gavin Newsom and his pearl-clutching elitists from Pacific Heights only do things that profit themselves!

These guys will all tell you something different, but the one thing everyone here has in common is that they all do drugs.”
I’m talking to a group of homeless men camped out under Highway 101 in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, where a half-dozen tents are set up on a wide sidewalk across the street from a Best Buy. The thirty something guy who’s telling me it’s all about drugs doesn’t want to give me his name.

Shit-Hole San Francisco — where drug addicts outnumber high school students

Officer Brian Donohue checks on Jeffrey Choate after he sees him lying on the sidewalk along Larkin Street and asks him to dispose of used needles next to him in a proper container on Monday, September 10, 2018 in

San Francisco has more drug addicts than it has students enrolled in its public high schools, the city Health Department’s latest estimates conclude.

There are about 24,500 injection drug users in San Francisco — that’s about 8,500 more people than the nearly 16,000 students enrolled in San Francisco Unified School District’s 15 high schools and illustrates the scope of the problem on the city’s streets.

It’s also an increase of about 2,000 serious drug users since 2012, the last time a study was done.

“There is an opioid epidemic in this country, and San Francisco is no exception,” Deputy Director of Health Dr. Naveena Bobba said.

The problem is particularly visible in the Tenderloin, where police reported more than 600 arrests for drug dealing last year. And where 27 suspects were booked into County Jail for dealing drugs in the first 20 days of the new year.

The out-in-the-open use of drugs on city sidewalks and at the Civic Center BART Station was a huge embarrassment for the city and triggered more police patrols and crackdowns in the past year. The BART station has been cleaned up, but the problem continues in the Tenderloin.

And while the police stay busy targeting dealers — the criminal side of illegal drugs — the city’s public health officials work the problem as a health crisis.


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 on Tuesday to overturn the 2015 sale of Presidio Terrace, a privately-owned street in the neighborhood of the same name used by a few dozen of the city’s wealthiest homeowners, faulting the city’s tax collector and not the residents for letting an annual $14 tax bill go unpaid for decades.
Supervisor Mark Farrell, whose district includes Presidio Terrace, scheduled Tuesday’s hearing in August, allegedly to “get to the bottom” of the dispute and let all parties plead their case.
A South Bay couple bought Presidio Terrace’s circular street and accompanying sidewalks at a tax sale to the tune of $90,000 after the Presidio Terrace Association (PTA) had failed to pay the taxes on their avenue for 30 years.


Residents are FLEEING Sanctuary City San Francisco at a RECORD RATE!(

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San Francisco street fight

Typical San Francisco street fight (

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Commiefornia - Colin Flaherty: San Francisco Techies Surprised by the Level of Black Violence

Commiefornia - Colin Flaherty: San Francisco Techies Surprised by the Level of Black Violence (



The founder of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm was sentenced Wednesday to six months behind bars for paying about $450,000 in bribes to boost his two daughters' entrance exam scores and get one of them into Georgetown University as a bogus tennis recruit.
Manuel Henriquez, the 57-year-old founder and ex-CEO of Hercules Capital based in Palo Alto, California, cried and dabbed his eyes with a tissue as he prayed for forgiveness from his children and other families he hurt, and asked the judge for mercy.
“There is no perfect way to express how broken I feel in my heart and soul,” said Henriquez, who sat next to his lawyer and wore a face mask for much of the hearing held via video conference because of the coronavirus pandemic.
His wife, Elizabeth Henriquez, was sentenced in March to seven months behind bars. She is currently locked up at a prison in California and is expected to be released in January, according to online records.
Prosecutors had asked for five months for Manuel Henriquez, calling him in court documents a “less active participant in the mechanics of the fraud than his wife.” The defense urged the judge for three months or less.
U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton called Henriquez a hypocrite who donated money to aid children, while at the same time using his wealth and privilege to put his kids ahead of other less fortunate students in the college admissions process.
“It’s a sad day,” the judge said.
A high-school senior had deftly promoted her “brand” for the Ivy League, a college consultant boasted. In a2013 promotional video, William Rick Singer, the mastermind of an elaborate admissions corruption scheme, showered praises on the young woman.
She’d started her own organization to fight climate change, he said. She’d eventually enroll in Brown. That student, it turns out, was Mary Doerr, a daughter of John Doerr, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist and early backer of Google and Amazon.
The Doerrs were clients of Singer years before he turned a legitimate college consulting practice into an elaborate bribery-for-admissions scheme that has shaken American academia, the parents who sought Singer’s advice and the Wall Street and Silicon Valley firms that are now dealing with the fallout.
Pro golfer Phil Mickelson and National Football League Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana each tweeted last week that their families had used Singer for college consulting and were “shocked” to hear about the illegal activity.
So are some of the Wall Street and Silicon Valley companies who had connections to Singer, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., bond-giant PIMCO and venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, which Doerr co-founded and is chairman.
Court papers suggest as many as 800 families hired Singer at some point. Singer ran an apparently legitimate college counseling firm, the Edge College & Career Network, before about 2011. The 2013 promotional video that referred to Mary Doerr says she was a client “six years ago,” or about 2007. The bribery case reaches back only to 2011.
The Doerr family has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Mary Doerr graduated from Brown University in 2015 and now is a graduate student at North Carolina State University, according to her LinkedIn profile.
Calls to Mary Doerr and her mother, Anne, were not returned. A Kleiner Perkins spokeswoman, Katie Hutchison, didn’t respond to a request to speak with John Doerr.
Hutchison declined to answer questions but said in a written statement that while Doerr and partner Tom Schlein, “along with a long list of Valley luminaries,” were clients of Singer, they consulted him only for “test tutoring and help with college applications — typical of services provided by thousands of private college counselors across the country — and nothing further.”
Goldman Sachs, which was mentioned in a wiretapped phone conversation as a social connection for at least one of the parents charged in Singer’s bribery-for-admissions scheme, says it has begun an internal investigation into any connection its employees may have to the former college consultant.
Firms whose partners and employees were caught up in the federal case known as “Operation Varsity Blues” have swiftly moved to fire or accept the resignations of people involved.
Bond-giant PIMCO said in a statement on Monday that “as part of a regular series that includes dozens of outside speakers, PIMCO invited Mr. Singer to speak twice over the past decade, the latest in 2015, about the college admissions process.” But the firm added that it “has never had a business relationship with Rick Singer or his college preparation organization. Neither PIMCO nor the PIMCO Foundation has ever paid Mr. Singer or donated money to his foundation.”
The statement added that any employees who engaged with Singer’s illegal scheme “would have no place at the firm.”
PIMCO’s former chief executive Douglas Hodge, who retired in 2017, is accused of paying about $500,000 in bribes for two daughters and a son to be admitted to Georgetown University and and the University of Southern California as fake tennis, soccer and football recruits.
The case has also sent shivers among affluent parents who fear they and their children will be tarnished as the Singer case unfolds.
Families now in the admissions process “want to illustrate that they’re a good family that wouldn’t cheat and that their kids would never want them to cheat the process,” said Christine Pluta, a private counselor with Edvice Princeton who has also worked in the admissions offices of the University of Pennsylvania and Barnard College. “I have never before heard a family try to convince me of their own integrity. Singer is part of the conversation.”
Pluta said when she worked at Penn about 20 years ago, a “father offered me a million dollars if his daughter would be admitted. At first I thought he was joking.” She said she made it clear the offer was inappropriate.
Singer cooperated with authorities and pleaded guilty to facilitating more than $25 million in bribes for faked ACT and SAT scores and bogus athletic profiles to schools including the USC,Georgetown andYale University. Parents contributed to Singer’s fake charity, Key Worldwide Foundation, to facilitate bribes to coaches and school officials and some and some took the charitable-donation deduction.
The wealthy parents worked in finance, sports and entertainment and included actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman as well as Hodge, who was replaced as CEO of PIMCO in 2016; Gordon Caplan, the co-chairman of global law firm Wilkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, and William McGlashan Jr., a former partner of private equity firmTPG, who was fired last week.
The relationships in those worlds led to some embarrassing revelations for firms who invited Singer to speak.
“We know people at Goldman Sachs who have, you know, recommended you highly,” said parent Marci Palatella, according to transcripts of a wiretapped conversation with Singer.
Palatella, chief executive officer of a liquor distribution company in Burlingame, Calif., and the wife of formerSan Francisco 49ers player Lou Palatella, was charged with paying $575,000 in bribes to get their son into USC as a fake “long snapper” football recruit.
Goldman Sachs spokesman Patrick Scanlan said Monday that “we’re continuing to look into the matter.”
Another parent charged in the scandal referenced Kleiner Perkins. In a wiretapped conversation, parent Bruce Isackson worried that the Internal Revenue Service might discover the bogus charity, to which Isackson is accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to get his daughter into USC as a fake-recruited rower.
Isackson, who was president of real-estate development firm WP Investments in Woodside, Calif., was charged along with his wife, Davina. He no longer appears on the website of the firm, which didn’t respond to calls.
“Is this gonna be this — be the front page story with everyone from Kleiner Perkins do whatever, getting these kids into school,” Isackson said according to the transcript.
In the 2013 promotional video, Singer spoke of an unnamed client who had started Inconvenient Youth while in high school. “She got totally engaged in her brand, in her story, in her passion,” he said in the short video, adding that “I had her six years ago as a student” and thanking former Vice President Al Gore for allowing “us” to use his slide show from his 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that inspired Doerr’s group.
Singer added that getting in to college “has to do with getting involved in your brand.” He highlighted his role in Mary Doerr’s venture, saying that “we wanted to create an organization that would focus on global warming for youth.”
Mary Doerr started Inconvenient Youth in 2008 between her junior and senior years atCastilleja School in Palo Alto, Calif.
John Doerr, whose net worth Forbes puts at $7.5 billion, has been involved in education issues for some time. He is co-founder and lifetime director of the NewS chools Venture Fund, which invests in start-ups aimed at improving public education. He and Anne Doerr donated $50 million in 2015 to Rice University, his alma mater, to finance a leadership training program.
The couple paid about $50,000 bribes to have someone cheat multiple times on standardized tests for their daughters, authorities said.
The Henriquezes were also charged with paying $400,000 to the sham charity run by admissions consultant Rick Singer to get their oldest daughter into Georgetown by falsely portraying her as a star tennis player. Singer in turn paid then-Georgetown tennis coach Gordon Ernst in exchange for labeling her as a recruit, authorities say.
Ernst, who's accused of getting nearly $3 million in bribes, has pleaded not guilty.
Singer has pleaded guilty to running the sprawling bribery scheme and helped investigators build the case against the parents.
Henriquez's lawyers said in court documents that his participation in the scheme was “minor and largely passive” as he was busy running his company while his wife “devoted herself to the care and well-being of their children.”
"Mr. Henriquez knew some but not all of the details of the scheme with Singer, played a small role, and to his great regret and shame, did not stop it. He paid Singer’s bills, as he did all the family’s bills," his lawyers said in a court filing.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Rosen said it “strains credulity" that Henriquez would believe that the $400,000 payment to Singer's sham charity would support "underfunded college athletic programs (including Georgetown tennis) and programs for disadvantaged youth," as his attorneys claimed in court documents.
Rosen accused Henriquez of refusing to fully accept responsibility for his actions and attempting to present a "sanitized version of the conduct to the court."
The Henriquezes are among nearly 30 parents who've admitted to charges in the massive case called “Operation Varsity Blues.”
“Full House” star Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are scheduled to be sentenced in August after pleading guilty to paying half a million dollars to get their two daughters into the University of Southern California as fake crew recruits. Loughlin's plea deal calls for her to serve two months behind bars and Giannulli's calls for him to serve five months.






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